29 January 2011

Favourites from Opening Ceremony........

The photos above are all my favourite items from one of my favourite online boutiques OC.........

At the moment they have sales , so tempting......oh the shoes are so delicious!

Check it out!!!! Dangerous .......but so nice! xx

27 January 2011

26 January 2011

Marina Munoz

Marina Munoz is a stylist assistant who lives and work in NY city.
Her style is really unique , i love her masculine feminine style combined with nice vintage clothing!
Photo is taken from Citizen Couture!

25 January 2011

At the moment i love..............

What i love this season is the '70s feeling all the way! quite bored of the '80 and '90s !!! Enough.....

Love the round chunky OC Chloe Sevigny round shoes with wooden platform and high heels so '70s !
Love the silk flare trousers just like ASOS styles them with a cotton vest ,super chic and sexy!
Love beautiful knitwear with winter prints or plain loose knit over jeans or trousers, quite grungy and so cool!
Love another pair of OC shoes!!!!! in this great tan colour , really cute......great with flare trousers for my '70s look , ohh yes i am changing into a boho '70s chic hmmmm that's all! :)
Last photo i love the styling of cropped wide leg flare trousers with chunky sandals worn with socks it's a must for the '70s look as i said! :)( image is from ASOS ) and finally, i'm throwing myself into silk shirts! Big long oversized or fitted just love them!
And if you want to have a look on the lovely  clothes from ASOS you should log in and check them here!!www.asos.com
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